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Create Projects without Admin Rights

+1 for me too please

please add my +1 vote for this as well

Daniel and jendacott,

Thank you for the feedback, your votes have been added to help us priorities this.

+1 for this feature from me. I would like to grant test leads the ability to create new projects without an admin intervening.

Thanks for the feedback Peter! I’ve added your vote to the existing request.

+1 from me to this feature.

+1 for this feature, any ideas on when it can be done? I want my team to be able to create and manage projects they are running, but not administer the entire site!


Can we please get some reassurance that this is being worked on? Its been 4 years since this post was on and it seems like testrail does not think that this is an important request

Admins want to be able to give users permissions to create projects, but this represents a huge risk as every user/admin can make any config changes to anything on the system, including give other users admin permissions …

Please advise if this is worked on and when can we expect this

Thank you