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Create Projects without Admin Rights


It has become necessary for us to have users with the option to create new projects without being an admin for the whole TestRail system.

The reason for this is there is confidential test cases that not all users are covered under the proper NDAs to view. This means they cannot be administrators (be able to change user rights) however they should be able to create their own projects.

Is there any plan to update TestRail admin setup or is there a way to do this that I am missing?


Hi jshimer,

You can amend the independent users/roles to allow this through the administration tab.

Hope this helps


Hi John!

Thanks for your posting. Creating projects currently always requires administrator status and access to the administration area but it’s already planned to make this more flexible. For larger teams, we can recommend giving administrator status to several persons so you don’t depend on a single person to create projects or manage users.



HI Tobias,

Thanks for your response. We do have a couple of admin users but would like to be able to add more. However since we cannot have those users adjusting their own view rights to view some specific projects that have heightened security requirements we are limited. We would definitely like to see some enhancements to the admin section that would allow users to create projects without being able to adjust the access to other projects. Or some type of user right where they can only adjust user rights within a certain group of projects/users.



Thanks, John! Yes, this definitely makes sense and it’s planned to look into this. We will think about the best ways to accomplish this. This is quite complex though as other attributes (such as custom field options or the new templates which will be introduced with TR 5.2) can also be configured per project and a project admin would ideally have access to these options as well.




I think it would better to separate the system admin, user admin, server admin and project admin. As operation engineer, I do not have to know how to create and manage the Test; and I do not want the QA engineers to change system setting such as email, file system, etc, as they may not have the knowledges.

Also I do not like current ‘flat’ Admin role as If I grant someone admin privilege, he may grant another user admin, and so on… and it will be out of control.



Hi Tiger,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, it’s planned to look into this and thanks for your feedback on this, happy to add another vote :slight_smile:



Hi Tobias

Do we have an update on the possible delivery of this added functionality? We too have the security issues mentioned by other contributors. We have to be careful how we configure new projects so that one customer does not see the output of another customers test runs / milestones etc. I’m sure you can appreciate how this information could be commercially sensitive.

Thank you



Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your feedback. We currently do not have a time frame for this feature at this point unfortunately. For new projects and if using TestRail with many different teams, we can recommend a whitelist approach for the project access & permissions. I.e. using a default of No Access for the project and then granting permissions to just those users & roles/teams who need access and are allowed to access the project.



Hello Tobias,

Just wondering if the above feature is included.
Its been in the discussion a couple of years from what I gather from the above discussions.

Or is there any custom role that can be created to have project creation permissions?

Its not possible to have more admins who can give more admin access - particularly in financial IT project space.


Hi Sushma - this feature and the issue of more/better privilege delegation is something we’re looking at, probably for TestRail 7.0 sometime next year.



This is definitely a +1 from me - I don’t want to assign any more general admins on my team but I would like Test Leads to be able to create projects rather than having to ask an admin