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Create custom reports (reports that show data for all test suites, custom fields, etc.)



I’m interested in getting customized data in a report and I’d like to generate a report that will be for all test cases and I currently have multiple test suites and for all your built-in reports it asks to select only 1 suite but i’d like the report to show all test suites. I also have some custom field for Automation Status for which I’d like to generate a report showing the automation status across all test suites.

You mentioned being able to create custom reports? How can this be done? Do you have any getting started guide that I can refer to so I can get started?



Hi Tarik,

Thanks for your posting. We would usually recommend generating custom reports outside of TestRail and you can either use the exports or the API to extract data from TestRail. The simplest approach is to use the CSV/Excel exports and use external tools to slice and dice your data (e.g. Excel). Depending on the reports you are interested in, you can either download the exports on the milestone/plan/run or suite (case repository) level.



Hi. I’m interested in exporting test information (test cases, suites, runs, etc) across AL project, not one project at a time. Is this possible?
Your example above would only export tests from one project.



Can someone repyl to this post on how to download cases from multiple test suites from testrail directly or using API with example