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Create custom field to refer to test cases


Hi guys,

I want to add one custom field that refers to other test cases, something like the ‘References’ field but referring to test cases. Is this possible in test rail?



You can create a link to another test case by using the [Cxxxx] format.

I you want to have a person check case 1234 then you could type in “[C1234]” (minus the quotes) and when saved there will be a link to the specific Test Case.


Hi Antonio,

Thanks for your post! You can create a link to another test case using TestRail’s entity linking format as BGanger mentioned above, and this would be supported in most text fields in TestRail. Many teams use this in the built-in ‘Preconditions’ field as it’s usually relevant as a precondition, but you’re also welcome to create your own custom field for this as well. Hope this helps!