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Create a test run with merging more than two suites without changing testrail ID's

I have multiple suites (suite -> We need to select suite while creating a new test run). When i created a new run with all the total suites then the testcase ID’s got updated.
But i need a combined test run with existing test ID’s which were assigned in particular suite.

When a test run is created all of the tests included are copied. They will never keep the Case ID from the Test repository, as the test history would not be kept separate from the repository.

When we create test run from any suite, the Case ID remains same as usual but when we create a test run by merging multiple suites, only in that case ID’s do not persist. It get changed.

So, in effect, you are creating a 3rd suite (combination of the first 2 suites)? If so - yes the Case Ids have to change as the Case ID is the primary key on the Case table.

Looks like you have to use Test Plan. It allow group two test runs together. All statistic and progress aggregated but also you will have ability to choose configuration