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Create a run using 2 filters



I’m trying to create a run using 2 filters for my test cases and after I tap on Ok button, only the first filter is applied. (eg. I have 1105 test cases for category A and B and only 400 are selected as Regression type for those 2 categories. When I select first as filter Category and second filter Regression - 1105 test cases are displayed. If I choose first filter Regression and second Category - 850 test cases are displayed because i have 850 test cases marked as Regression). Is there a bug or my selection are wrong?



Hi Raluca,

Thanks for your posting. By default, the cases need to match all filters you configure so 850 test cases is the maximum number of cases you can expect in this case. You can switch the filter mode to OR by switching to “Match any of the above” (the filter would then include all cases that match the first OR the second condition).