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Creae Report for Automation Cases


Hi Team,

We use Testrail to maintain our manual cases as well as automation cases. Right one we change the Type from manual>Automation once the case is automated.
The Case Type Distribution shows us the count of manual cases and Automation cases.

There is a new proposal that one Automation case will cover more than one manual case to improve the performance. In this case, I would also like to know how many manual cases are covered in each automation case when report is generated.
Could you please provide me the solution for this?



Hi Hema,

Thanks for your posting! One option is to use a custom field in this case to keep track of the manual cases that would be covered by an automated case. Probably the best option is to use a Text field in this case and this supports linking to other cases via the [C17] syntax. There’s no built-in report that can calculate the number of manual cases per automated case but it’s always possible to use the exports (e.g. CSV/Excel) or API to generate a custom report outside of TestRail.

I hope this helps!