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CR - Button “Pass & Next” to auto start Elapsed config option


Hi i see there is the great option to have elapsed time per case executed

Is it possible to have the elapsed time start and continue as you work through each test case within a test suite?

for example i have a test plan with 2 test suites within it.
Tester will work on each test suite.
It is time consuming and easy to forget to click the track/play icon at the bottom of each test case under a test suite. It would be easier if we could have a start/stop/pause timer from with a test case that continues into each case until the tester ether finished all test or click the pause/stop button.

Just having to do it within each case is adding more time to the entire suite when most test case are quick to run.



Thank you for your post. TestRail would require that you manually start and stop the elapsed time in your tests. Having this start automatically could result in incorrect time estimations as far as time spent on tests.


shame it does not facilitate ruining end to end as having to start and stop each case is more time consuming that running the test case.

Thanks for the reply