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Could you create a relationship with Bugzilla?


If the test results have relationship with Bugzilla, it is very great.
Render bugs number of a test case result, and create href link to bugzilla system when user click on bug numbers. the direct url formatting can be defined by Admin.
Such as define URL: ""
if I click on a bug number 30456 (for example), its href should be

then user can open Bugzilla system to view bugs.


Hello Hugh,

the feature you are suggesting is already included in TestRail. You can either specify the URL of your bug tracker in the Admin area or enter a separate URL for each project.

You can then enter one or more defect IDs for each test result and TestRail will automatically link those IDs to your bug tracker. Please let me know in case you have problems getting this to work, as I understand that this feature is not yet well documented in the current TestRail beta.