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Corrupted Sil file


We are using Smartinspect for a long time and very happy with it.
Unfotunately, I received some log files from our customer where I noticed that sometimes after an application crash the log file gets corrupted (lots of black lines/separators displayed when opening the file).
The configuration is:
initializeData="file(filename=…\temp\shellDebugLog.sil, append=true, maxparts=14, maxsize=100000, rotate=daily)
I observed that when the application is restarted after a crash with the log file is corrupted, I have no new readable log entries written into the log file( or they are written but the file is still corrupted), and the error that triggered the crash is not recorded in the log file(normally it is logged).
There are 2 main problems I would need a solution:

  1. When the application is restarted after a crash with corrupted log file, the new log entries to be saved and readable.
  2. Have the error that triggered the crash logged.
    I was also wondering if there is a way to fix the corrupted .sil file?

Thank You,


Hello Peter,

Thank you for your message! Please note that while many teams continue to utilize SmartInspect for debugging and monitoring software applications, there are no current plans towards development and new software updates.

We are currently reviewing the future of SmartInspect and I just wanted to update you on this.

That said, SmartInspect’s documentation and API reference is directly included in the product.

Simply select Help > SmartInspect Help in the SmartInspect Console to launch the online help.

Regarding your corrupted file, there is no information I have currently on how to fix this, unfortunately. The recommendations we have for this are preventative measures such as writing the packets in as few write calls as possible and don’t use any I/O buffering by default.