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Corrupted Attachments?



I create testing TestRail installation and all is fine, but have problems with attachments.
If upload any type of file (png, jpeg, docx, txt) so in folder on disk is correct saved, but If want donwload it via Testrail file is corrupted.

Please see:

21.funny.png - this file is stored in attachments folder
funny-original.PNG - this is original file
funny-downloaded - this file are downloaded via TestRail

OS: Windows Server 2008 R2
DB: MSSQL 2008 R2 express installed via WPI
PHP: PHP 5.3 installed via WPI
System Locale: English(United Kingdom)

Testrail version:
Testrail locale: English(United Kingdom)


OK, this is PEBKAC

I have space as first character in config.php.

sorry for useless post.



Glad to hear that you found the problem and thanks for reporting back what the problem was (if we see a similar problem with another installation in the future, we now know what the problem might be).