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Copying text from History should include Test Step numbers

Until Feature Request: Give Test Case History more of a diff-like appearance is addressed my work-around will be:

  1. Copy “before” text to a file, save file.
  2. Copy “after” text to a file, save file.
  3. Compare files and note differences (silently muttering under my breath at this time-consuming process).

Unfortunately, I found that when I copy the steps, the Step Numbers do not accompany the text!

Very difficult to do a compare most of the time as we have configured a Test Case to contain multiple steps, where the typical number of Steps/Case is 10-12, but can be upwards to 60-70.

I would expect that the Step Numbers would accompany the Test Steps themselves when doing a select/copy operation.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the post! The step numbers in the test steps are rendered as an ordered list in HTML and the numbers are not part of the test data entered into TestRail itself. Chrome and Firefox also do not support copying list labels (numbers, bullet points, etc.) for ordered and unordered lists and based on the information I could gather, this was considered a ‘bug’ for users.

However, I was able to test this in Internet Explorer 11 and successfully copied and directly pasted the steps with numbers into NotePad++. I was also able to paste them into Excel by using ‘Paste Special’ and selecting ‘Text’ and also into MS Word by right-clicking and pasting text only (This copying and pasting only worked with IE11 and I was unable to test this in Safari or in a Mac environment).

If this is not an option for you, it may also be possible to insert the numbers into the content of the page using a UI script. We haven’t tested this on our end, but you can review our UI scripts documentation here.

Hope this helps in the meantime while we work to improve test case versions and history.


Hi Jon:
Thanks for the promptness in providing the work-around of using IE11, which indeed I will use. Won’t need it often, but sure is good to have it available.

I found this behavior using MS’ “Edge”, and also verified FireFox works similarly (not perhaps exactly the same). FWIW: somewhat interestingly, in FireFox, when I right-clicked and chose “Select all” and copy/pasted into NotePad++, everything I saw on the webpage was selected/pasted except for the Step Numbers (ha, ha). Similar, but not exact behavior observed using Edge.