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Copying Test Suites


Hi all,

Our products contain many similarities in terms of structure and mechanics and it would be very handy if we could re-use tests as much as possible,

I want to structure my tests in TestRail so as to maximise re-use and with minimum repeated manual operations when copying, moving etc,

I’ve searched through this forum and it seems that a simple copy of Projects and Test Suites along with it’s Test Cases, banner notes and other attributes is not something TestRail can do.

Test Suites seem to have the same rigidity as Projects and should be considered “Sub-Projects” rather than Test Suites.

Saying that, the sub-sections seem to be used in the same way as traditional Test Suites. Would it be better for me to create a huge Test Suite divided into multiple sections? What are the downsides of that approach?



Having personally implemented TestRail across several different organisations, this question has come up before.

What I did was to create a test suite for all generic test cases, broken down by sections that could be re-used. When required, these could be copied into the relevant test suites. However, when copying them in, make sure that the option ‘Also copy / move sections’ is selected. This will copy the sections with the original folder structure setup. Link to relevant section -

In addition, maintaining the generic test suite(s) meant that tests were consistent if required or could be customised if required.

If you require a notes field, this will need to be added as a customised field within Administration which is easily doable.

Have you tried this? Apologies if you have and it hasn’t worked. If it hasn’t, I’d be interested to know why



Hi Bryane

Thanks for your response.

That’s the approach we’re taking and using Excel to generate the initial test cases and (section) structure.



Hi Jonathan,

Glad I could help.

Using the customisation functionality really helps especially if you have unique requirements specific to your organisation.



Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your post! We would generally always recommend using the single test suite mode and organizing your test cases via sections and sub sections as this typically works better than separating your test cases into different test suites. This makes it easier to start new test runs, filter your test cases and navigate between your tests. You can copy across projects/suites/sections either via the built-in drag&drop feature from within the same repository or via the copy/move features across projects/suites and this makes it easy to duplicate/re-use test cases across TestRail. You can view more details on this on our website here:

Hope this helps!



Thanks Marco,

That’s the way we are going to do it.

Due to the interconnected nature of our products it will mean putting all our tests in one suite and creating test/plans as and when that use tests across the suite as required.

The only thing remaining on my wish-list is a grid view of some sort but I’ve just seen your response regarding XDML exports with updates on What is the best way to bulk edit test cases?

I will give that a try.


Hi Jon,

Thanks for the update and feedback, sounds good! Just let us know in case you have any further questions!