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Copying test suites from one project to another


Brand new eval user of the product, and am trying to figure out how to copy test cases or suites that I’ve created in one project, into another project. Is this possible?

This is a requirement for us - we build test cases and re-use them for a long time…


Hi Steve,

Thanks for your message. You can copy test cases within TestRail by using the Copy/Move feature of the TestRail toolbar. Let’s say you want to copy cases from Suite A to Suite B. Just navigate to Suite B and click the Copy/Move icon:

(The Copy/Move icon is the one with two sheets of paper)

You can then select the project/suite and cases you want to copy. You can use the same method to copy entire suites. To copy an entire suite, just create a new empty suite and copy all cases of an existing suite (there’s a Select All link in the copy dialog to make this easier).

I hope this helps!

Dennis Gurock


Thanks! That worked perfectly.