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Copying Test Suites between projects


Hi there,

I am just evaluating testrail and so far I have been impressed. I am trying to find out whether it is possible to copy duplicate test suites between projects.

The plan is for us to build numerous test suites around various areas of the websites we develop. I am thinking that we can build the test suites up and copy them between projects.

I am thinking that we could have one master project containing the test suites.

I’ve had a look through the interface but I cannot see anyway of doing this. There are options to copy test cases but nothing to copy the suites.

Anyone any ideas? Thanks in advance



Thanks for your posting. You can duplicate test suites via the Copy/Move dialog on the test suite pages. While this is not a direct test suite copy method (it’s planned to add this to TestRail as well), it only requires a few additional clicks to copy a full test suite:

  • simply create a new empty test suite
  • open the empty suite and open the Copy/Move dialog (via the icon with two sheets of paper)
  • Select the test suite you want to duplicate and click the little All link to select all test cases to copy them

I hope this helps.




When we copy / move test cases between projects, all the screenshots embedded in a test case step are lost in the new project. Any suggestions on how we can recover these or is this on the cards for an upcoming releases?


Hi Pratik,

Thanks for your email! Copying/moving a test case from one project to the other would always preserve the reference to the attachments. It’s likely that the users in the new project don’t have permissions to the source project which would cause an issue with viewing the attachment for security reasons. I would recommend checking that each user has access to view the source project where the image was originally attached, or just re-uploading the image to the new test case if needed. Hope this helps!



Thanks Marco. No issues in viewing attachments; They are copied over just fine. The trouble is with embedded screenshots in test cases.

An example of this is:

When I copy a test case with an embedded screenshot as above, the screenshot doesn’t get copied over.
So looking for suggestions to get over this.


Hi Pratik,

Thanks for your reply! Screenshots added to a test case would also be considered in attachment, and so the reasons I mentioned above would still apply to this. Can you check to make sure that the user has permissions to view this in the source project? If not, then they will need access to this in order to view the attachment, or you would need to re-upload this onto the copied test case in the new project. Hope this helps!