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Copying test cases back to master suite


Hi there,

I have a question regarding the management of baselines with the master suite. Currently we are using multiple baselines because we have to support multiple versions of our product simultaneously. We branch out from master at the beginning of the version and add cases, then plan to merge the written test cases back into master at the point of release. The reason we follow this approach is because copying out from master does not currently copy the test history as it makes a new instance of the test case in the new baseline. We want to keep the results of test cases separate on a version by version basis, in case there are fixes/features developed on that version and parts need to be retested.

My question is if there is an easy way to copy back to master at the end of the release? If we add new test cases/modify existing cases in a separate baseline, is there a way to copy the whole suite back and only replace modified/add new test cases? Or is the only way to copy them back to do it manually one by one? Or maybe a completely different approach you recommend?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Kyle,

You can copy test cases back via the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog (can be opened via the icon with two sheets of paper in the target suite):

You can either select the cases to copy back manually, or use a custom field on the case level to mark those cases and then use the sidebar filter to automate the selection. Happy to help in case you have any questions about the latter approach.