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Copying single test results from one test run to another


I have a single, well-defined test that is included in two different test runs (which are concurrent, but not related to one another). I just successfully ran the test and set it to Passed in one of the test runs. The test run’s configuration is exactly the same as i the second test run and I would like to kill two birds with one stone. I don’t want to have to rerun the test or put all the supporting information like logfiles, screenshots, etc. into the other test run again. Is there a way to copy individual test results from one test run to another?


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your posting! Copying test results this way is not possible but you can simply reference the other test/result. You can add a new test result with the same status and then simply include a link to the other test/results as follows:

Please see [T#] for details.

Just replace # with the actual test ID. TestRail will then automatically replace this with a link to the other test/result.