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Copying\Moving section & test cases between test suites



I have created on test suite that contains only various sections, without any test cases. I want to use this as template while creating test suites, so that all can follow the same sections in their test suites.

I tried to copy the section from that template test suite to my new test suite, but nothing has been copied, It says no test case has been selected.
I noticed that sections can be copied only if they have test cases under them, is it???
Don’t we have an option to copy simply the sections in test suite without any test cases???


Hello Vijaya,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, the dialog currently does not copy empty sections. This is already on our feature request list and we will consider changing this behavior in a future TestRail version. A workaround for your scenario would be to use the import & export functionality via XML (the icon with the arrows pointing to the left/right, next to the copy & move cases dialog) which can also handle empty sections.



Thanks for the info.