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Copying Custom Properties Values Along with Copying Test Cases


I am referring to this question

where its answer explained how to use custom properties to reflect the automation status of the test suite cases.

My question is, will the values of the custom properties be copied to a new test suite along with the test cases ?
In other words if I marked test case (X) as automated using custom property then I copied the test case from suite 1 to suite 2 , will test case (X) be marked as automated in suite 2 ?


Hi Rahaf,

Thanks for your post! Yes, the values for these custom fields would also be copied/moved along with the test cases when moved from one test suite to the other. You would just need to make sure that if the test suite belongs to a different project, that the custom fields used on the source project are also enabled on the destination project (you can check the project selection for the custom field by editing the field under Administration > Customizations). Hope this helps!