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Copy testcase in the same testsection



I’m just trying testrail and after made some testcases, I wonder if I can copy testcase to another one …

I’ve found the “copy” functionality, but it seems to dedicated to testsuite …

Is there a function to only copy testcase ?




Thanks for your posting. Yes, you can copy (or move) test cases within the same test suite via drag&drop. To do this you can simply drag the little ‘grip’ icon left of the checbkoxes. You can also move multiple test cases this way by checking multiple boxes first. To copy the test cases instead of moving them, you simply need to press the Shift key before and during dragging the cases. You can also move or copy sections in the sidebar this way.

You can also copy and move test cases between test suites/projects via the Copy/Move dialog on the test suite pages (it’s the little icon with sheets of paper in the toolbar).

I hope this helps. Just let me know if you further questions about this.