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Copy test suite between servers


A user inadvertently deleted a test suite. We will be restoring the database on our test server, as I do not want to lose work on ongoing projects on the production server. Is there a mechanism for copying a test suite from one server to another, i.e. from our test server to our production server?



Looks like I can export the TST test suite into XML, and then import it into a new test suite on the production server.

Can test runs/results also be imported? I see there is a way of exporting them in XML, but I don’t see a way of importing XML for runs/results.


Hi Phil,

Thanks for your post! As you mentioned, the only options to restore the test suite would be to do a full database restore, or to restore into a staging instance and then export/import the suite via XML. This would only work to import test cases, and wouldn’t bring over any test runs/results. The only method to import test results into TestRail would be to add new results via TestRail’s API, and if you’re interested in this option you can learn more about our API here:

Hope this helps!



Thank you for your reply, Marco, but it doesn’t really help. I don’t have the time to learn the API at the moment. I am somewhat disappointed that there is no easy way to recover test results that were removed as a result of deleting (and subsequently restoring) a test suite. I think a better restoral plan is warranted.