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Copy test cases


is it possible to copy a test case that was created when in test run in to a test suite?


Hi J,

Thanks for your post! You can copy and move test cases between test suites/projects via the Copy/Move dialog on the test suite pages (it’s the little icon with two sheets of paper in the toolbar):

So no matter where you created the test case, you can copy this over to a test suite using this feature. Hope this helps!



Thank you for your responds Marco.

I’m familiar with the process of copying/moving test cases in the same suite and between projects & suites. But can I copy a test case that was created directly in a Test Run?

Per you image, I am not able to select Test Runs from the Source pull down menu. The Test Run contains a test case that was not created directly in a suite.

Thank you,


Hey Jon,

Thank you for the follow up post. Test cases are created within suites or a single repository rather than directly within a test run. Subsequently, test runs are made up of those test cases. As Marco pointed out previously however, you can copy tests between suites and projects.