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Copy Test cases from one Test Run to Other


I am using Test Rail version . I want to copy all test cases from one test run to other and also want the status to remain as it is.
Example, Say Test Run-1 has 100 test cases , 90 Pass, 5 Failed and 5 In progress.

I want all these 100 test cases with same status as in Test Run-1 to be copied to Test Run-2.
How can we do this ? Currently when I move test cases from Test Run 1 to Test Run 2 the status changes to Open for all.


Hello Bhuvanesh,

Thanks for your post! It wouldn’t be possible to move results in TestRail, as these would always be tied to their original test runs. You can use the Rerun feature to copy test runs as needed, but this wouldn’t bring over any results and would always start with a fresh test run. That said, you can also use the History & Context tab at the bottom when viewing any test in the test run to view previous details regarding the past results from other test runs if needed. Hope this helps!



Thanks Marco. But I needed the Status copied as well. Thanks anyways