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Copy selected test cases from a previous test run

My plan is to create a general test plan “Release Test”. Under this I want to do a new test run for each release.

Release Test
* Release version A
* Release version B
* Release version C

For this purpose I want to copy list of selected test cases from the previous test runs and add new ones if necessary.
My problem is that I cannot find the copy function if it is available.

Hi ChristianS,

I stand to be corrected here, but there are one of two ways in which you can achieve this.

  1. On your Test Run, there’s a button called “Rerun” which allows you to essentially re-run every test within a given Test Run based on a Test Case Result (e.g. Passed, Failed). In your case, you might want to keep them all enabled/selected.
  2. Create a Release Test Suite then simply keep that updated and add the suite as a run against each release branch.

Thanks for your answer.

As you wrote, you can only restart the test run via “Rerun” with all its contents and give it a new name. The test plan will be newly created. So this is how it looks like for me now:

Release test version 1.0

  • Release Test A
  • Release Test B
  • Release Test C
    If I need a new test plan I copy the test runs via “Rerun” and give the test plan the name of the new version.

Release test version 2.0

  • Release Test A
  • Release Test B
  • Release Test C

I close completed test plans.

I can manage like this - thanks.

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