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Copy/Paste of specific steps between Test Cases



I’m not sure if this option exists already and I just missed it or if it doesn’t I am hoping that I can suggest it then. Would it be possible to be able to select specific steps in a test case and copy then to another test case? Currently I am copying the test case entirely and then editing the steps, but I sometimes find in creating a new case that it may have a few steps that I would like to grab from an existing case and save myself some time instead of re-typing or copy/pasting step by step between two browser windows.

Is there a way to select a few steps and copy those steps to a different test case currently or is this something that I can suggest for a future enhancement?



Hi Ken,

Thanks for your posting! Copying steps is not directly possible but it’s already something that’s on our feature request list and it’s planned to look into this. For the use case of creating a new case (based on another case), you can simply copy the case and remove any unneeded steps as you already do.



Hi Tobias,

Great to hear! Looking forward to that feature hopefully coming in the future. In the meantime I’ll continue using copy/paste or duplicating the test case and removing unneeded steps.



Thanks again for your feedback, Ken!



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