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Copy-Paste images


Bad New - Found 2 places where must browse for and select an image file - paste from clipboard doesn’t work.

  1. Add Result dialog - at bottom of dialog appears a gray box with text “Drop files here to attach, or click to browse.”
  2. When viewing a Test Case and its results - Below the “Results & Comments” tab, there’s another gray box with same wording as previous item.

Reference this screenshot:


Hi Dan,

Thanks for reaching out! The inline functionality is only for embedding images so you can utilize the paste from clipboard feature in these sections (since only images are expected here). That said, the ‘Drop files here to attach, or click to browse.’ section would accept various file types, therefore, the paste from clipboard is not supported here and you would just need to navigate to the file as you mentioned.

Hope this helps clarify!


Hi, I’m new to TestRails, but I was trying to paste an image into “Add Result” and it’s not working, either in the text box, the “drop files” box, or through the “add image to this text box” button. I’m very surprised that this doesn’t work – seems like adding screenshots to test results would be basic functionality. But maybe I’m doing something wrong.

@Dan_VeritasSplendor how did you get that green box? Is that a Chrome extension?


Where specifically in the Add Result page? The popup is automatic when you try and copy/paste in the Comment section. The file attachment section is not for copy/paste but for documents attaching documents.


@cwgorman The screenshot in July 11, 2018 post comes from the documentation (based on icon, I’m thinking captured using Apple OS?). I used Chrome (no extensions installed, on Win 10) to get the following screenshot where I am editing a Test Case and want to add a graphic to help the tester understand what they’re supposed to do (sorry for simplistic instructions that you might already be aware of, but was I creating this for testers new to TestRail):

Performing the same steps in MS Edge, I get the following appearance of the “Add Images” dialog:


Tried IE11 and same results as MS Edge (v11.2363.143939.0, Update Versions: 11.0.75 (KB4339093).


@BGanger I tried in the Comments box, and I see this error in the console:


@cwgorman When I tried “Add Results” as you were doing , not editing a test case as were in my posts earlier today, I encountered the the same behavior in the dialog (using MS Edge). I am pasting a screenshot of a smiley face from the clipboard via Ctrl + V as shown in the screenshot below:


Clicking that icon causes the same error to appear in the console.

I just tried in Firefox – seeing the same error there as well.