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Copy-Paste images



I am using TestRail and JIRA with my team since while now and a nice feature to add would be the possibility to copy-paste images to a test case or test results. The actual behaviour that necessitate to click on the add button and add a file we had to save locally takes time. And this time could be saved with this feature. It is possible to do it on JIRA. Would be nice to have the same on TestRail.



Hi Cedric,

Thanks for your posting and feedback! It’s already planned to look into this for one of the versions after the next one and we would like to support copy & paste as well as drag & drop for images and attachments. I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks again!



Hi Tobias,

Happy to know you are looking to add this feature! What would be the version that will have again?
You can count 5 votes with me! All my colleagues that uses TestRail would like to have that feature. :smile:



Add me, and ditto on the 5 count in Cedric’s post…We are really hanging out for this change



Thanks for your feedback, that’s really appreciated :slight_smile: It’s currently planned to look into this for the version after the next one (5.1) but this is still subject to change.



Hi! How’s it going with my suggestion? Still planned to put it into the release after 5.1? Or maybe in 5.1? :smile:



Hi Cedric,

Thanks for the feedback! This won’t be in TestRail 5.1, but the good news is that TestRail 5.1 will be available very very soon now with other exciting features in the meantime (keep an eye on our blog :slight_smile: ), and we will be able to look at additional features after that. We will also look at screenshots/image drag&drop soon (without being able to commit to a specific time frame though).


Hi, we would also love to see copy-paste images in Testrail, this would speed up adding our test results considerably.


Hey TJS,

The good news is that we have been working on this feature for the next TestRail update. So if everything goes as planned, we should have this quite soon (early February, with some accounts being switched to the new version earlier). This feature will be limited to Google Chrome and MS Edge (partially) for now, as most browsers don’t yet support this well yet.


This is great news, our test team will be so pleased. I am not being greedy or anything but will this update include the ability to add multiple attachments in one attempt. Rather than open the add a image window several times.

Many Thanks



Ohhhh that is a great news indeed! Can’t wait to use it!

Many thanks :grinning:



That’s great to hear, we are also looking forward to the new version :slightly_smiling:

Mark: yes! This will also support attaching multiple files/screenshots/images in one step (either via browse-file or drag & drop; paste from clipboard only supports one screenshot at a time only of course but you can copy & paste multiple times as long as the add-image dialog is open).



Woohoo. There will lots of smiling testers when i pass on this news.


cool - though it means I need to switch from Safari to Chrome then… as long as its worth it :wink:


A small preview of the upcoming Add Images dialog (with Chrome on Mac) :slight_smile:




I’m using TestRail with my team in our company and despite the fact that being possible to add an image file to the “Actual Result” field, it would be very useful to add also other file type (e.g. PDF).

It’s planned to add this feature somehow in a future release?




Hi Tiago,

Thanks for your posting. The inline functionality is only for embedding images but you can attach any file to the attachments field.

I hope this helps!



Any update on delivery timeframe?
I am salivating for this feature - very much a time saver when one is executing a test to not have to save it to an interim file (which then needs to be deleted).

For what it’s worth, I use Edge as browser, but would install Chrome just to be able to use this feature


isnt Copy-Paste images the delivered solution ? :thinking:


Since I wasn’t seeing (using MS Edge) the instructional verbiage on the Add Image dialog as shown in Tobias’ Jan '16 post, I concluded the capability had not been delivered yet; that is, the text highlighted in green: Add_Images_Dialog_Proposed_for_Mac

BUT, the Good News is that the functionality exists (as you point out):
I tested v5.5 pasting graphical data from the clipboard into dialogs via 2 methods:

  1. Ctrl + v key-press combination
  2. Right-click of mouse and selecting the “Paste” option.

I tested this in two areas of TestRail:

A. In creating/editing a Test Step (using the “Test Case (Steps)” option), in both the “Step Description” (action) box and the “Expected Result” box.
B. When executing the test case, in the “Add Results” dialog, in the “Actual Results” box.