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Copy / move tests runs



I have created multiple tests runs in a project.

Right now, we want to change our “project tree” in TESTRAIL.

There is no problem to move “tests section and cases”, but what about “tests results” ?

I don’t find how to move or copy these …



Hello Patrick,

Thanks for your posting. Test results/runs cannot be moved/copied to different projects or test suites currently. This is because a test run and the related test results are always associated with a specific test suite and it may not make sense to transfer test results from one test run to another in all cases (as they may run in different contexts or use different configurations, for example).

Before restructuring your test suites, you would usually close old test runs to archive them and then just create new test runs to manage your tests with the new structure. Closing the test runs is an important step so that your existing test history is archived and can still be used to access old test results.

Just let me know in case you have any further questions.



if all items in a release are not completed in the allotted time we have to move the uncompleted items to the next release. However, as we cannot move the test runs we have to switch back and forth to update the test results so we don’t duplicate testing. It does make sense for some work flows to be able to move test results or at a minimum be able to easily copy the test run cases to another test run.


Hi Greg,

Thanks for your reply! You can actually already copy test cases from a test run based on the status of the test if needed using TestRail’s Rerun feature. When viewing a test run, you can just click on the ‘Rerun’ button at the top of the page, and this will open the dialog to choose which tests you want to copy over to the new test run. E.g., you can choose to Rerun the test run with any test that was marked as ‘Untested’ or ‘Failed’, and this will create a new test run with just these test cases configured. Hope this helps!



I vote as well. I lead team of 12 QAs and they all raise this complain that this is currently not possible and we would like to have it soon.


Hi Angelo,

I have gone ahead and added your vote.


The rerun button does close to what I need. I want to create regression test runs. I want to choose test cases from existing test runs in the test plan.


Hi Rc,

In this case, you would end up running the entire test plan again. You would in fact though be able to select test cases across the entire test plan. Those tests that you select however would still be broken up into their respective test runs within the overall test plan.