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Copy feature copies all attachments in test results

Hi - I’m noticing some conflict of information and features in actual usage that I hope you can help me resolve. We use the copy feature often to copy test cases within the same project and from project to project. Reading through your documentation, I’m under the impression that when you copy test cases, all test results are erased, a new test case number is assigned. However, in testing, I’m seeing that attachments that are included in the test results show up as attachments in the copied test case. The attachments are typically related to actual test results of the original test case and is not relevant to the new copied test case. Is there something I’m doing incorrectly that is resulting in the attachments of a test result being copied to a copied test case? Is this a bug? It seems conflicting that the test result are deleted when a test case is copied, but the attachments in test results are somehow still preserved. Please help clarify.

Hey Wyang!

This is actually a current bug in TestRail and we have a request with our developers to address this. I’ve added your vote to the system for visibility. In the meantime, the only way to not copy attachments would be to create the new test case and manually copy/paste the test case details over.

Thanks for confirming it is a bug. Can you still help clarify one thing for me? In the fix, would attachments included in the test case be copied but attachments included in any test result of the test case would be deleted? Or would all attachments not carryover regardless if it was included in the test case or test results? Ideally, we would prefer the former. But I am early in our integration and can change our workflow if I know the expected outcome.

Do you know which release it is planned for?