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Copy configurations between projects


Right now, I have multiple projects in TestRail, a lot of them uses the same configurations. I find that when I create a test plan, I need to recreate those confiugrations. It will be really useful if we can have configurations at a global dashboard level and share across projects.

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Thanks for your feedback, mouse :slight_smile: Yes, it’s planned to look into this and this makes especially sense if you have many projects with the same configurations.



This would be a great feature to have built in. I’ve had to build a temporary solution for our teams in the mean time by leveraging the API. My tool allows users to select a project for copying to/from and then adds all configurations into the “To” project.


Hi Chad,

Thanks for your feedback! We definitely agree that it would be useful to have this as a built-in feature and we still have plans to look into this. Glad to hear that you were able to find a workaround via the API in the meantime! I’ve also added another vote to this request on your behalf.



This is a feature I’d love as well. I use TestRail for a company that works on dozens of fast-paced projects at a time. The option to copy configs (which often remain the same across projects) would save us so much time.

Is there any more information regarding this, and when we might see it added to the tool?