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Copy configurations between projects


Is there an easy way to copy the configurations created for one project into another?

I have a number of testplans with various configurations in one project, And I would like to re-use these configurations in a similar test plan in another project.

Is there an easy way to do this without creating all the configurations over again?



Thanks for your posting and the suggestion. Copying configurations between projects is currently not supported but I’ve just added this as a feature request. I agree that this would be useful if you have similar projects and we will look into it. It may even make sense to create configurations that could be shared across projects.

(As a side node, I’ve removed the email address from your forum user name)



+1 for this feature as well please :smile:
i.e. POST index.php?/api/v2/add_config/:project_id


Added to the list, thanks Steve!



Has the feature to copy configurations between projects been added? I’m using TestRail v5.2.0.3452

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hello Marti,

Thanks for your posting. This feature is not yet available via the UI (it’s planned) but TestRail 5.2 added new configuration related API methods so you could look into automating this via TestRail’s API:

It’s still planned to make this available via the UI as well and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks for your feedback!



Thank you Tobias! :slight_smile:


You are welcome, Marti!



+1 for me as well, was looking for this possibility yesterday, and had to manually insert all configurations. Would be great if they could be shared throughout all projects.


Hello Annemarie,

Thanks for your feedback! TestRail 5.2 added full API support for configurations, so you can also look into using the API for this if this is an option. But we also want to offer this in the UI in the future and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks again :slight_smile:



+1 for sharing configurations among projects. Be able to share some of the common
config is useful. Thank you.


Thanks for your feedback, mouse :slight_smile:




Would you be able to give me an idea when this feature may be added to the UI.
We have testers spending a lot of time copying configurations between projects


Hi Pravesh,

Thanks for your posting. We currently don’t have a timeline for this feature but I’m happy to add another vote, thanks for your feedback! If the projects have a lot in common (configurations, maybe milestones or even cases), it can also make sense to think about using a single project instead of multiple projects. Would this maybe be an option?



+1 vote; although I liked the idea of single project and single suite(maybe) - so we dont loose things inside test cases when we move/copy them


Thanks for your feedback, Pratik!



+1 for me too. Being a Compatibility test team configurations are our bread and butter. We need to be able to work out of multiple projects and having an easy way to copy or share configurations between projects would be awesome. I just ran across this post so haven’t looked into the API yet.


Hi James,

Thanks for your feedback, that’s appreciated!



+1 for the use with the GUI, 'cause we use TestRail solely over the GUI (for manual tests).

Is there anything you can tell us about the timeline yet?


Hi Frank,

Thanks for your feedback. We currently don’t have a time frame or estimate but it’s still planned to look into this. This is not planned for the next version but we would like to review this again for one of the versions after that.