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Copy a test case within a test suite


Is there a way to copy a test case within a test suite? I saw a way to copy a test case from another test suite but not within the same test suite.

I have some tests that only have small differences, so it would be nice to copy an existing test case and just modify it instead of rewriting preconditions and expected results.



Thanks for your message. It’s already possible to copy/duplicate test cases within the same test suite. To do this, you can simply press the Shift key and drag&drop test cases. To drag&drop test cases, drag the little ‘grip’ icon next to the checkboxes. You can also duplicate multiple test cases by checking the relevant boxes next to the test cases first. If you don’t press the Shift key before and during dragging a test case, you move it instead of copying it.

I hope this answers your question.



Yep. That is what I was looking for. Thanks a lot.


I saw on the website about ‘TestRail’s built-in Copy & Move feature makes it very easy to create new test cases based on existing ones…’ but it isn’t intuitive - theres no mention of how to do it, and only found out via this forum post.
Can I suggest more of a ‘tips’ section or videos on how to do these tasks.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the feedback. We do explain this in the Tips & Tricks topic in TestRail’s online help, but I agree that it’s not intuitive at the moment and we do receive questions on how to copy test cases from time to time. We do have plans to make this easier to discover and I agree that this is needed.