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Coping testcases from another project does not copy testcase elements!

Hello Everyone,

Currently, we are facing some issue at Testrail that
Copying the testcases to another project does not copy the testcase elements and only the titles of the testcases gets copied as testcase.
Please let us know if the way to copy the testcase is changed or the other ways to try copying the suites.

How are you trying to copy between projects…? I don’t believe that there is a way to actually “copy” test cases between projects.

Hi @Nealword. We are using TestRail v6.0.2.4165 (Cloud) and are able to copy the entire test case from one project to another with no issues.

These are the step I take:

  1. Open the project to which the test cases are to be copied.
  2. Open the testsuite to which the test cases are to be copied. I can now see the screen where the testcases are displayed.
  3. Click on the Copy or move cases icon.
  4. Select the Source from which you are copying the test cases. The test cases are listed.
  5. Select the test cases you wish to copy.
  6. Select whether you wish to :
    a. Copy/move cases only
    b. Also copy/move sections
    c. Also copy/move sections + parents
  7. Click on Copy

Is this any different to what you are doing?

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