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Converting from suites to single repository


I currently have a project with 94 different suites. Now that we’ve updated to 4.0 I am considering switching to the single repository mode for this project. My question is how do I do this efficiently? I don’t see any way to do this as a single operation. I can export each suite individually but the problem is that when I import a single exported suite into a single repository project, it doesn’t add the suite as a base section. Anyone have any ideas how I can do this easily?



Hello Greg,

Thanks for your posting. You can simply reorganize (copy/move test cases) via the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog:

(see “Better Case Copying & Selection”)

Please note that moving test cases from one test suite to another also deletes all test results in active test runs. You might either consider closing your active test runs/plans or copying your current test cases to a new project that uses the one-suite mode and keep your current project unchanged. The second option also has the advantage that you can experiment with the new suite modes before deciding if this is a good fit.