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Converting a multi-select to a dropdown?


Quick though potentially dreadful question. We have a field that has been a multi-select but now realize we really need it to be a drop-down (mostly so we can use it as a Field header when running reports).

We have only used one option per choice, so we don’t need to save any “extra” options. But short of exporting/importing I’m not seeing how to go about doing this. Do you have any suggestions?


ps: i guess i could create a dropdown, do a filter on the multi-select for each value, bulk-update those with the appropriate drop-down filter, then delete the multi-select once i get them all. this, i’m gonna guess, is going to be the solution.


Hi Jim,

TestRail has no direct support for changing a field type but adding a new field and setting the values would certainly work. This would only affect cases and tests for active runs and closed runs would still use the previous value/field. It’s important to keep the original field so you can still see old values in closed runs.

I hope this helps!