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Convert test case links to test links in test run


Hello team TestRail,

We using TestRail for a while now and it’s great. What we are using quite often in our test cases are links to other test cases, so we can separate our test cases neatly so we are not repeating ourselves within the test cases. Not sure if this is already possible, but it would be great if these links are converted to test links when the test run is created. In this way we can quickly go through linked cases within a run, without us having to find the related tests ourselves within a test run.

So the [CXX] links become [TXX] links for the tests in a test run. This is probably only possible when the test run actually contains a test corresponding to the [CXX] link.

Hope I described it clear enough, it would definitely help us if this is possible.

Thanks in advance!


Not currently possible as far as I know - I believe this would need to be an update that Gurock would have to do in Test Rail at the time the Test Run is created.


+1 for this feature request. If I create a test run or plan that includes a test case referenced by another test case, those [C#] links should auto-convert into the corresponding [T#] – at least it should be an option.