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Conversion issue from scv file to TestRail



I’m trying to import test cases to TestRail from csv file and after conversion, EACH row from this csv file considered as a new test case. Could you please advice how it can be fixed?


I’ve attached screenshot of a file that worked for me. I’ve also attached screenshots of the dialogs as one progresses through the import process.

This import results in 1 test case that has 5 test steps (I assume this is really how you want your import to behave?).

Note that columns D, E, and F exist because I have custom fields that are marked as being required.


Here are the dialogs as one progresses through the import process.



If you currently manage your test cases in Excel, you first need to export your Excel sheets to one or more CSV files. You can do this in Excel under File | Save As , using CSV (Comma delimited) (.csv)* as file type. This will save your test cases as a CSV file which you can import into TestRail. Please note that it’s sometimes necessary to simplify the layout of your Excel sheets so that TestRail can find and extract your test cases. We generally recommend using a simple layout with a single or multiple rows per test case.