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Control 'TasksDockPanel' has no parent window in Console



I am getting the error message “Control ‘TasksDockPanel’ has no parent window in Console” every time I try to open the SmartInspect professional console while in the splash screen it shows “Loading toolbox settings …”.

If I click OK in the error dialog, the error is displayed again. If I click OK again, the error message is gone, but the window contains only the menu und the toolbar, everything else seems to not redraw. When I exit the program, the Visual Studio Just-in-time debugger shows up, so I guess the program crashes hard.

It does not matter whether I try to open a .sil file with double click or just start the console emtpy.

This started yesterday when I was opening several .sil files one ofter another searching for one particular file. It worked fine for several files, then all of a sudden I got this error. Since then I have rebooted the computer but the error persists.

Any hints on what I could do? Is there maybe some corrupted settings file I can delete or some registry key. Of course this is rather urgent.



One workaround seems to be deleting all files in Application Data\SmartInspect\Professional directory with the exception of SerialNumer.dat.

After that the error is gone.

Tobias / Dennis, if you want, I can send you these files so you can have a look what caused the problem.


This is a known issue and is related to the docking library we use in the Console. It’s very rare and it’s unfortunately difficult to find the root cause of this issue.

Yes, that works. It should actually be enough to delete the Docking.dat and keep the other files.

That would be great, thanks! May help us fixing this issue.