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Console TRCs. Has anyone already generated a TestRail Test Suites for this?


We are going to start testing a PS4 game and are contemplating entering in test plans for :
TRC (Technical Requirements Checklist) for PlayStation®4
Version 2017.07

But there are hundreds of test cases.
Rather then waste time duplicating work, has anyone else made some TestRail test Suites for these test cases?

Similarly for Microsoft Xbox
June_2017_Xbox_Requirements_for_Games_and_Hub_Apps (version 4.7)

It seems a waste that each user/company would have to enter and maintain the test suites for these.


Hey Simon,

Thank you for the post. In this case, it would be much easier to maintain one large repository of test cases and break these up into functional areas using sections and subsections. Separating these into different suites can become tedious and can make it difficult to start test runs/plans in the future.

If you are also testing different platforms for the same test cases, you can setup configurations as well. I would recommend taking a look at configurations here and see if these would help as well:


Thanks for that - that is what we usually do.

The reason for my question was :
The Sony & Microsoft RCs have hundreds of tests that must be completed to meet certification.
These can get updated every few months.

It would be a huge task to create and manage these Test Suites.
Anyone who is developing Microsoft Xbox One or Sony PlayStation 4 games would have to individually copy these tests from a document in to TestRail Test Suites and then have to maintain them

However - if some TestRail user has already entered these Test Cases / Test Suites…
can these Test Suites be shared to other TestRail users (like a Repository)?
Can they be maintained by many users - like a wiki page?

And when it comes to creating a Test Run, we can grab the suites we need from this central Repository.

I am likely going to start creating these Test Suites myself.
But how would I share these with TestRail users who are developing Microsoft or Sony products?



Create your central repository, and then export them from TR using XML or CSV, you can then import them for your PS4 Standard / PS4 Pro / Xbox One / Xbox One S suites if each one requires this.

You should also consider automating your tests for certification.

  • You could also create configurations if they tests are the same for each console.
  • You could also add a custom checkbox field to avoid duplication e.g have choices. PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S, PC Intel I3 4GB RAM, PC Intel i5 4GB RAM, Intel i5 8GB RAM etc… Then when creating the test plan just use the ones you need.

The possibilities are endless.