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Console Title


Hi there,

For a project I’m working on right now I’ve chosen to keep the logging of several processes that run simultaneously separated by logging to different tcp ports and configuring a console for each of them. Now I’ve found that the different instances of the console all look the same on the outside. To remedy this situation I would like to be able to give each of the instances a different title (i.e. the process name). I’ve been searching the forum for a way to add a custom title to an instance of the smartinspect console but haven’t had any luck sofar.

Is there a way to customize the title of an instance of the console?

Gerben ten Wolde,
Lead Developer,
VCD Automatisering


Hi Gerben,

Thanks for your posting. It’s not currently possible to change the title of the Console. We do already have this as a feature request on our list (also for the Redistributable Console to make it customizable/brandable) and we will consider this for an update.

Thanks for the feedback!