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Console Runtime Errors, Freezing and Crashing Behavior



I have a client using the redistributable console with our product. They have been having many issues of the console freezing, and throwing application errors.

From what I can tell, our client has the console open and is searching the messages. It is as this point that they find it often freezes. When they close it in this state they get error messages similar to below. They also get this message sometimes when closing the console.

When the console freezes when they are searching, they then close\terminate the console. From that point, starting a new console just leaves them with an empty console, even our application is still running and logging messages. They have to restart our service to be able to view the information in the logging console again.

After the above happened, they then opened a saved log file from disk. Exiting the console from the saved log displayed the following error message:

and this one:

Our logging configuration is below, we are writing to a text file and using a named pipe.

; Configure SmartInspect properties
connections = file(filename="COMMONAPPDATA_LOGPATH\WFSLog.sil", maxsize=“250MB”, rotate=daily, maxparts=10), pipe(pipename=“PEERNETWatchFolderService”, reconnect=true, reconnect.interval=10s)

What can we do to prevent the freezing/crash. This is very inconvenient for our client. I’ve tried to duplicate in-house what he is seeing and so far have not been able to. He is running on a Hebrew system, if that makes any difference.




Hi Sheri,

Thanks for your posting. We haven’t seen this issue before but would recommend using just log files for production systems instead of live logging. You also wouldn’t need to restart your service in this case when the Console closes and file logging is much faster than logging via pipes or TCP.




Thanks for the followup.

One of the selling points of SmartInspect for us was the live logging. We use this all the time with our clients to troubleshoot issues with our system. We do make sure to tell our clients not to leave the Console open long-term though.

Got a bit more information from my client; seems he was opening the saved logs from disk, and not using the live logging as much as I thought.

He states:
Similar problem happened again whilst searching using the Find (Ctrl+F) for string “קבלה” on a saved log (I was looking for the specific log to send you regarding the errcode problem).
The log’s size is ~40MB.

He did send me that log file that he had been searching in. In my testing I did not see the same errors he saw, but did have other problems:

  • hitting Ctrl-PgUp to go to the top caused Out of Memory, clicking after that would cause the console to go Not Responding

  • tried a 171MB log file here, also got the Out of Memory/ Not Responding issue

  • re-open and hitting ctrl+PgUp/Ctrl+PgDn a few times then clicking on a few lines cause the console to freeze.

  • moving around and searching sometimes gave me an application crash, prompting me to save a tmp file to send to you. I did save one.

On a hunch, I renamed my %appdata%\SmartInspect\Redistributable folder and retried the above tests.

This did seem to stabilize things, for whatever reason.

We do have the Viewer panel as a tab across the bottom of the console, with the CallStack, Watches and Details panels. After playing with the window size for a bit I could make the Console crash; seemed it always when it was laying out the text in the viewer panel as single character column (I know this is an existing bug/issue with the text control you are using in this panel).

He is also most often searching with Hebrew (Right-to-left) text, perhaps this is an issue??

I’ve passed this on to the client and I’ll see what happens.



Hi Sheri,

Thanks for the additional feedback/analysis. Yes, it looks to be an issue with right-to-left text and may indeed be related to the text viewer control. We will make sure to review this and try to reproduce this but I’m not sure if there’s anything we can do to improve this situation as this it likely outside of our control unfortunately. Do you use right-to-left text in your log messages and is this part of the user/application-generated content?




In our normal day-to-day here we do not use RTL text but we have several clients that deal routinely with Hebrew systems and files named in Hebrew. We get sample files and or log files from them to troubleshoot and these often have RTL text in them.

Before I deleted my %appdata%\SmartInspect\Redistributable folder I was getting the Out of Memory error here with some of my testing log files that did not have RTL text in them. It did not seem matter what the actual save .sil file size was - ranged from 6MB up to 171MB, the clients file was 40MB.

I did keep my “bad” Redistibutable folder so maybe it has some settings in it that are causing some of this strange behaviour.



Thanks, Sheri! We will try to reproduce this here on our side. Out of Memory situations can happen even with what appear to be small log files, e.g. if the Console already holds other data from live logging or if the machine/VM doesn’t have a lot of memory.