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Console filter


Hi all

Is it possible to filter the view from the Level enum used to send a message?

If i send something like
SiAuto.Main.LogInt(Level.Debug, “Example”, 20)

I don’t find a filter to differ this from the following entry
SiAuto.Main.LogInt(Level.Warning, “Example”, 20)

I use the 3.2.2 Version.



Hello Lothar,

Log levels are a library-side feature only and there’s currently no filter in the Console for this. The feature is already on our (long) TODO list but in the mean time, you could emulate this behavior by using the LogDebug and LogWarning methods and then filter for the log entry types (see the Log Entries tab when editing a view):

SiAuto.Main.LogDebug("Example = " + 20); SiAuto.Main.LogWarning("Example = " + 20);