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Consider changing how test cases are removed from a test run


After you build a test run, if you need to remove a test case from the run, it’s not all that intuitive. Once you understand that you’re basically pulling test cases and their history into a different view (rather than the test run creating a separate instance of the test cases), it kind of makes sense. However, the risk in this functionality is where you’ve manually selected many test cases for your run. If you apply a filter when selecting (and de-selecting) test cases, it seems you lose all your previous selections. You would then have to rebuild your entire test run when maybe all you really wanted to do was remove one test case.

We managed to get around this by created a custom value in Status called “Skipped” so that testers don’t have to inherit this risk to the team. I suggest reconsidering this functionality to let teams remove test cases in a much simpler way. (As always, if I’m missing something here, please let me know.)



Hi Marci,

Thank you for your post. When you edit a test run inside of TestRail, you have several options as to what TestRail will do with your changes. When you are done selecting your test cases, you can select from the following options in the right hand menu:

  • Set Selection
  • Add To Selection
  • Remove From Selection

Depending on what you are wanting to do would determine which of these you selected.

Would this help in this case?

Marty Lavender
Customer Success Team


Hi Marty,

If I’m understanding this correctly, to remove a test case, I would have to find them (either manually or using a filter) and select Remove from Section? If the only things selected here are the ones I want to remove, as long as I click on Remove From Selection, nothing else will be altered?

I still think it would be great to have a quick Remove function from within the suite, rather than having to go find that test case again this way; I’m already looking at it in the suite, decide I don’t need it, then have to hunt it down by essentially rebuilding the test run. I find it pretty clunky.