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Connector showing error for the TestRail: Runs - Field Panel is not a supported enum value

In JIRA, The Connector showing below error for the TestRail: Runs.

Field Panel is not a supported enum value (“runsreferences”).

Any one have idea on this?

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I encounter the same issue.
@sjpknight can you please help us with this?

Hi @krishnakumar.p & @Vlad.m - the problem is likely that you’re using an older version of TestRail that does not support the TestRail for Jira add-on Runs field.

You should upgrade to TestRail 6.1.

If you’re already running TestRail 6.1 and experiencing the issue, please send an email to, and we’ll be happy to look into the situation further for you.


hi @sjpknight , Thanks for the comments.

We have 2 instances, Our Prod is running TR with v6.0.0.4140 and Dev is v6.1.0.4369. As you mentioned we are unable to reproduce the issue in Dev and are already in plan to upgrade to 6.1.x soon.

Hope it will give a fix :crossed_fingers:

and regarding the support - actually i already mailed but the person who responded is going away from topic as usual. that’s why i keep a post in community so someone can really help… :sneezing_face:

Hi @sjpknight, thanks for you for your quick reply and for the comments, but how can we upgrade to 6.1 if we are on cloud? You mention that cloud instances are automatically update. Do we need to request the update or are you doing them in batches? Can you please provide more insights?
We’ve already contacted your colleagues, but as @krishnakumar.p mentioned the answer we got doesn’t clarify this issues.

Thank you,

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Hi @Vlad.m - all our cloud instances are automatically updated to the latest version of TestRail when we do a major release. If your instance is not running the latest version of our code, the most likely explanation is that the instance is not being hosted in our cloud infrastructure.

The issue described in the forum post above is being caused because latest version of the TestRail for Jira add-on is being used with an older (i.e. non 6.1) version of TestRail.

To resolve the issue, you need to update your TestRail instance to 6.1.

If you some additional support with doing so, please contact our support team via


@Vlad.m you might need extreme writing skills bro to make them understand the issue that we are facing. all the time I’ve been mailing and the response will be some KB doc or something we don’t required to fix the issue.

We have upgraded the version and got the issue fixed… thanks for your comments :blush:

Issue is fix for us after upgrade. thanks!