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Connection with Pivotal Tracker


I am looking for documentation for integration with Pivotal, in particular how connection settings are specified. The “Tools: Pivotal Tracker” page is vague here, saying only, “The next step is to configure all the necessary connection settings in the Configuration field.” Can anyone point me to documentation on the exact steps to connect TestRail to Pivotal?


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your posting. To configure the Push/Lookup integration, please go to Administration > Integration and select Pivotal from the Defect Plugin dropdown. You would then need to fill out the connection details (user/password) in the text box below the dropdown. You can test the integration on the Add Result dialog via the Push link:



Hi Tobias -

thanks for your reply.

For obvious reasons, we don’t want to enter (and store) any of our passwords to Tracker in our TestRail account - does the connectivity work with the Tracker API tokens as well?



Hi Patrick,

The integration requires a username and password currently but you can also store these credentials encrypted in TestRail’s database (via AES) by using defect variables: