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Confusion around purpose of JIRA plugin's "For Tests" & "For Cases" views


We have been trying out the TestRail for JIRA Test Management plugin and have some confusion around the ‘For Tests’ and ‘For Cases’ views under the JIRA TestRail: Results section.

If we use the References field belonging to a TestRail Test Case, and assign a result to that Test Case, then the referred to JIRA Story displays that result under the ‘For Cases’ view. When does the ‘For Tests’ view get used?

This post How to link testrail test run results to JIRA seems to deal with the functionality but we’re having trouble understanding the details.



Hi Marty,

Thanks for your post! The ‘For Tests’ filter would be used when a test is linked to a JIRA issue via the Defects field in TestRail (when submitting a test result during execution). Usually you would just use the ‘All Results’ filter as this would be the most helpful to see all relevant results and context, but it can sometimes be helpful to filter between the two separate types in case there’s many results that wouldn’t be visible with the All Results filter. Hope this helps!