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Confusion around projects, suites, regression


Can anyone please explain how I should best set this up?

I have an existing piece of software.

  1. A client asks for a major change. We call this a project so I want to create test suites, cases, test runs, reports. This is fine and I can do this in Test Rail fine.

  2. A few months later the client wants a new change that builds on the last project. This results in another project and I want to re run everything tested in the last project as well as test the changes, ie. regression testing.

My first thoughts is to click “Add Project” for both projects. But when I do this in the second project I don’t seem to be able to access any of the tests from the first project which I want to do in order to include regression tests in my plan.

I’m thinking I should only actually create one “project” and use “test suites” for each project. That way I can create a test plan that includes both. Is this the best way to do it?

Also, some of the tests from the first project are no longer valid. How is this typically handled? Is it possible to mark these test cases as no longer valid without impacting the existing results?

If a third project comes along I need to run the tests from the first two projects. Is it possible to put all the tests into a single repository of regression tests or would I use suites from the first two projects as well as the third into a single plan?


I would keep all the tests from one project in one test suite. Then run them in a test run.
This way, when the next project comes up, you can create a new test run from that suite, using some or all of the test cases. You could also add test cases to the suite if the project demands it.

You can select specific test cases too:

Is this a satisfactory solution to your problem?