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Configurations in Test Plans


I am a new user and I am stumped. I want to use configurations but they don’t seem to show up when I press the configurations button nor is there an ADD GROUP button at the bottom of the display. Here is what I have done:
Created the project, created the test suite, copied over test cases from a previous project, add test plan and then added test suite. Once I have added the test suite I see the configurations button but the menu or display is blank. I am totally stumped and don’t understand what to do to get them working! HELP!


Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for your posting. There’s a (admittedly small :slight_smile: ) Add Group link/button at the top right of the Select Configurations dialog to add a configuration group. Once you added a group, you can add configurations to this group and select those configurations for your test plan. If you don’t see this link then your user account doesn’t have the required permissions/privileges to add configurations and you would need to ask your administrator to assign you these permissions.