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Configurations and the Need to have One Testcase


I have created a Testplan, with multiple TestRuns (potentially); and each TestRun has multiple Configurations.

I assign to each configurations a select number of testcases from the “Select” dialog; these testcases may or may not overlap; and hence I don’t want to select them globally for the TestRun.

However, when I go to save, it tells me I must have at least one Selected; and until I select one for the global Testrun I can’t save it (I think I just repeated myself).

Anyhow; is that correct? Do I need at least one in that global testplan (even if it isn’t getting executed for all configurations)? Obviously a simple workaround is to assign a testcase globally; it doesn’t appear to affect the count of testcases in that TestRun or within the Configurations; but just wanted to see if there was something I am missing.

(I’d upload a picture indicating what I mean; but alas no pictures allowed :confused:



Hi Jim,

Thanks for your posting! You can simply use the include-all option as the default for the test runs and then override the case selection per test run. This means that you wouldn’t need to select a case on the top-level but can still use a custom selection per run/configuration.



Yea, I was hoping to not have to do that, since I don’t know if I then run reports looking for testcases that haven’t been executed, if those when show up (ie: testcases that are in the Run, but don’t belong to a Configuration).

If it does show up then that doesn’t work, but if they are ignored (and only show testcases that haven’t been run in a configuration) then that would work fine.


Hi Jim,

The run-level selection only applies to configurations that don’t override the selection. So, if all configuration use a custom selection, the run-level selection is not used and is ignored. The configurations/runs and statistics would then only include those cases you selected via the Select Cases dialog.

I hope this helps!