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Configuration for test run


I know you can assigne a configuration to test suite in Test Plan, but I haven’t been able to set configuration for a Test run.
Is that even possible and if yes how.



Hi athenka,

Have you had a look at ?

Hope this helps


Hello Alena,

Thanks for your posting! TestRail will generate a set of test runs from the suites/configurations you configure when you start a test plan. The terminology on the plan form is maybe a bit confusing but adding suites/runs to the plan and then assigning the configurations will generate the runs with the configurations. This is also explained in the linked video.



But what if I want to run only one test suite, so I would create a test run, but since we support multiple OS, then the only way to set the configuration would be to create a test plan.


Hello Alena,

You would still create a test plan in this case, then simply add the test suite and assign the configurations. You can think of a test plan as a group of test runs and TestRail would automatically create a number of runs depending on the configurations you select:

I hope this helps!